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If anal sex were a sport, Jeff would be in the Olympics for it.
Noone can ass-dive like technol can. He plain 0wnt you foo!
by Tard January 27, 2004
If anal were a country, Jeff would be king.
Jeff is DEFINATELY the king.
by Jakki January 28, 2004
A pimpin' dude that has a nice car and gets hot girls. He makes girls like anal sex. Also likes lesbians. Known as Jeff. Sucks because he gets to go to Asia and we don't.
"Man, I had anal with Technol last night!"
"OMG..I had anal with him the other day!"
"Yeah! He makes anal so good I want it everyday!"
by Megan December 24, 2003
Nickname or alias owned and used by Jeff Schneider himself.
Technol knows he's way cooler then you.
by technol December 07, 2003