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A situation where various high technology devices simultaneously fail and are rendered useless.
Immediately after his internet connection dropped, Joe noticed that his cell phone didn't have a signal and the battery in his PDA would not hold a charge. He knew right away that he was technofucked.

Bob was so thoroghly technofucked that he wondered if a giant meteor had just crashed into Earth, thus terminating all electronic communications worldwide.

With no cell towers in the area, Jay was completely technofucked when his GPS system crashed as he was driving in a rural, unfamiliar part of the county.

The I.T. geek was explaining the problem in a complex, technical manner when I interrupted and exclaimed, "I'm technofucked!".

Frustrated after a few minutes of being technofucked, Scott wondered if this was how life felt in the 1950's.

Lea never enjoys camping trips in the wilderness because she rejects the idea of being voluntarily technofucked.

After just a few minutes at his grandmother's home, he was overcome with depression as the grim reality of not having wi-fi, cable TV, or air conditioning left him incredibly technofucked.

by Buzz Writeyear January 25, 2008
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