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an elite group of electronic music enthusiasts, who have refined their techno music tastes through concerts and sharing music. Technocrats appreciate mainstream beats and timeless techno classics, but they believe in the evolution of this rhythmic music genre. They avoid stagnant and tired songs and sounds. They believe the envelope is meant to be pushed, not to continuously rehash the same bullshit.
Yes, I am a technocrat. And yes, I thought the Deadmau5 set at EDC 2010 was slow and boring.
by ZombiePhobe September 07, 2010
A person that believes in the principles of Technocracy.
Howard is a technocrat.
by TrueTechnocrat December 12, 2003
A big time elitist that believes scientists, engineers, programmers, etc. should run a country.
by Elitist April 07, 2004