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That which the Aztecs made to eat at human sacrifice raves and to which they dedicated amusement parks. Given to Cortes in mass quantities in lieu of the location of El Dorado. Contains cocoa, Eccstacy, and the sanctified hearts and livers of the Chemical Brothers.

I'm gonna go check into that technochocolate...
by Duuuuuuuuuh February 09, 2004

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Ancient and mystical delicacy favored by the Aztecs, claimed by Strong Bad to sound a-prettypretty good. Known to induce lightswitch-raves.
"I'm gonna go find me some of that Technochocolate. It sounds a-prettypretty good."
by Wubbzy February 10, 2004
1) Really good chocolate.
2) Really good techno with lightstick raves.
I totally need to get me some of that technochocolate.
by Mavhunter May 27, 2004