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a term used to describe a contextual equivalent of sex. two people have performed technicoitus when they participate in any activity deemed as such by their friends and peers.

if either of the two involved, or a friend of theirs, responds to this action the same way they would to sex, it's technicoitus.

goes well with the NBA referee's hand signal for "Technical Foul." (making a T with your two open hands.)

repeated acts of technicoitus often account for the misery inherent of the "Friend Zone."
Bro 1: "No, Ashley and I are just friends. All we did last weekend was watch Titanic at her place."

Bro 2: "Man, i'm calling technicoitus. You can't watch a sad romantic movie or a romantic comedy alone with a chick outside of a theater and JUST be friends."


Bro 1: "Shit got weird when that ugly chick from Chem texted me a winkie face."

Bro 2: "What did you say back?"

Bro 1: "I didn't know what to do. I sent her a winkie face back."

Bro 2: "TECHNICOITUS dude! That chick thinks you wanna shag!"
by ProBoonage November 15, 2011
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