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another word for pimp tight talk game
man i was runnin so much on this hoe,i got her locked for sho
by WhiteFolks September 28, 2003

To organize a show or production; to work behind the scenes at a play or concert.
I teched the concert...the lights got so messed up because none of the techies paid attention.
by someone July 18, 2004
-Short for techniques.

-Usually referring to ones skills at rolling up bud.

-The person whose rolling up your blunt, jay, etc.
Bless-yo lets smoke another blunt
Me-i got techs
Bless-well of course i cant roll a dutch for shit
by MoRoniiK March 11, 2010
n. A process in which someone saves their resources and quickly upgrades their statistics and building prequisites in order to form a mass of superior units.

v. The process of remaining passive to attacks and saving all available resources in order to upgrade to a superior or higher leveled unit.
by Alex June 05, 2004
A person of infinite knowlege and skillz
1. One of my techs will be over shortly to explain the meaning of life.

2. One of my techs will be coming over to build a concrete wall to partition your garden.

3. Ive got my techs looking at a large project, once they have spent several months research and evaluating it I will reject it.
by david-hasslehoff August 26, 2010
When something is really technical (comes up in skateboarding a lot).
Mike Mo's skating is so tech!
by DubDniK February 27, 2008
.. tech means "absolutely uber-cool, but serving no immediately productive purpose as ascertained by mature people"?
so we got 4 ppl to the island with two kayacks, a tube, and some rope. it was totally tech.
by dan, robert, amber, alec August 18, 2004
Intratec TEC-9 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Pre-ban version could accomodate a 50 round magazine and had a threaded barrel to accept a silencer or barrel extention. It could be easily modified with "hellfire" rapid fire triggers, or full automatic mode.
imma bust a dome shot with my tech n9ne on this narc ass bitch
by Jake November 17, 2003