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A guy who has no style of his own, most likely a frat guy who wears clothing typically worn by older men. Including Sperry's, fishing shirts, lobster pants, mid-thigh length shorts in pastel colors, sunglasses straps,and a bootlace cowboy tie (usually all combined into one outfit)
I saw this tech daddy at the bar last night, he looked like a damn fool. He reminded me of my blind grandfather.
by jerrylewis April 15, 2009
A nerdy guy who's into computers and technical stuff but that doesn't stop him from being a total daddy. He walks the halls in his weird polos and dockers and doesn't know that a few females really want him.
"Did you see Tech Daddy today?"

"Yeah, I wish he'd shove that computer charger he was carrying up my ass."
by ChargeMyAssholeTechDaddy November 02, 2015
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