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The act of one man fucking another.
"Did you hear about Justin? Ryan caught him getting Tebowed hard last night!"
by denver92 October 30, 2011
161 228
verb: to cry like a bitch.
I know your cat died but stop Tebowing.
by The Rev D December 22, 2009
218 628
(V.) 1. To watch something multiple times, and cry at the same spot in the show.

2. To cry after losing a game that you had no shot in.
Jason: "Man, I started tebowing my eyes out last night when I watched that girl get killed in that show last night"
Friend: "Fag.
by tbs17 December 14, 2009
122 543
The act of aquiring human poop on ones finger and then applying said poop under a person's eye (see Dirty Sanchez). If poop is applied under both eyes, this is called a Full Tebow.
"After fingering my girlfriends ass, I withdrew my finger and wiped the shit under her eye. I told her this was a Tebow and she appreciated my originality".
by xVaginusx February 23, 2010
68 500
To mislead a suitor only to leave them at the altar in humiliation and disgrace
Wow, Rich Rodriguez sure TEBOWED Alabama today!
by TIGERinATL December 08, 2006
58 499