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One who tips tea.

A species of monkey that enjoys pursuing members of the opposite sex that belong to a different species.

A law enforcer who was shot, stabbed, sodomized, and left to crawl on all fours to visit a nearby friend for assistance and a few free brewskis.

A pedophile who never actually engages in pedaphilia, but sometimes looks through Sears Catalogues in hopes of viewing photos of children at play.

A meal so large that when served prevents beverages being placed on the same table.

A balding junior-highschool teacher who seemed to consume nothing but cigarette butts and tea.

One who consumes tea purposefully spilled into the anus, vagina, mouth, or ears of someone else.

A yet-uninvented salad dressing.
"Madame, normally that would be a strange request, but luckily for you I happen to be a renown teatipper."

"Did you just see that teatipper go by?" - "No. I did not."

"That meal was exquisite. I especially liked the teatipper."

"I tipped your tea." - "Teatipper!"
by WhatdidIsay June 18, 2009
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