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1. A combination of teabag and owned. The utter and complete destruction of one's integrity through an embarrassing action or incorrect statement. Must be accompanied by a hand motion where one moves one's fingers back and forth as if s/he were tickling genitalia.

2. The act of teabagging someone while teasing them.
1. Did you see that snowboarder hit his head off that jump? Teasebag.

2. Teasebag. Your concept of grammar is not substantial to maintain everyday conversations. Teasebag.
by Msilv August 26, 2008
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an adjective referring a girl that teases you soo much but really doesn't wanna have sex with you
Joe. Yo bro have you hit the home run yet with that one girl
bob.. who angie? man she always gets in my bed with me and never wants to do anything.
Joe. Does she strip before she gets in the bed?
bob. well ya but no sex though
joe ..oh man. what a teasebag dont waste your time with her man
by Mufasasdad January 23, 2011
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