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Someone who saves their own tears for the sole purpose of using them as lubrication for masturbation. (Not to be confused with someone who weeps while masturbating)
I've been saving my liquid misery in a jar for the past two months, just so I could have a Tear Jerker.
by dcb1984 July 21, 2010
7 8
a sad porno
Friend A: "I saw this porno the other day where Jenna Jameson dies in the end"

Friend B: "It must have been a real tear jerker"
by johnniewalker2284 May 15, 2011
1 5
Someone who listens to Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye" while knocking one out.
It was a rainy Friday night, I was depressed, I spanked my hog while listening to some Bocelli, I'm such a tear jerker.
by Red Face November 09, 2007
7 19
Tear jerking is to masterbate while crying and using the tears as lube.
"Listen bitch, You are a cheating, lying, cum gargling swamp whore, so go home, cry your eyes out and use your tears to grease up your gristle knot while you masterbate yourself to sleep, It'll be a real tear jerker."
by Robby Martin November 29, 2006
18 30
Someone who cries before masturbating and uses their tears for lubrication. Refers to a sad movie. Or, a sad moment, etc.
Adam: "I used my tears as lube when I masturbated lastnight."
Alex: "Wow, dude. You fail. When are you just going to use real lube?"
Adam: "I don't have to pay for tears and I never run out."
Alex: "F U. Tearjerker!"
by Tearjerker April 23, 2010
12 25
A man who, while under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, masturbates and uses his tears as lubricant. A tear jerker may also be defined as a date or encounter with a woman which results in the afore mentioned definition.

This idea is referenced, but not directly named, in the popular film, "Waiting...".
A dialogue from the movie, "Waiting...".
Dean: Calvin, what happens with every girl you're interested in? Nothing! You take them out, you pay for everything - you never make a move!

Monty: And then you go home... alone... to masturbate... while you cry... using your own tears as lubricant.

Calvin: Ok that was once... and I was drunk... and it was Valentine's Day.
Calvin is a total tear jerker.
by Joey X September 06, 2006
17 31
When a girl is giving head and stops before you're done, so you shoot in her, making her start crying.
She was going down on me, but didn't want to finish the job, so I gave her a tear jerker.
by PinkSheetTrrader March 09, 2007
15 30