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A tatoo that generally means a person is going to be a leach on society forever by wasting our tax dollars rotting in prison.
Todd: Mom Johhny just got a teardrop tatoo.

Mom: FUCK, might as well just throw him in prison now because he pretty much just sealed the deal by getting that tatoo
#jailbird #loser #prisoner #whiner #ugly
by MrHobbes69 June 22, 2014
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A tatoo usually placed on the face of someone who either has killed another person, or wants to front and act like they have cause they think it's cool. Wanna-be's aside, the legitimate wearers of this tatoo likely killed someone with a knife or gun because they are pussies and can't fight fair.
"yo dawg, that tear drop tatoo is tight, yo pussy ass musta shanked somebody cause i know yo skinny ass didn't beat him to death.....PUSSY"
#pussy #wannabe #gangsta #fake #phony #thug #gay
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
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