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a group of superheroes who fight for justice and to know what is "righto correcto" after finishing their homework using a rhyming catch phrase battle cry.
Buh- Za, Chi-Ka, Whuh-Pa,TEAMO SUPREMO!
by john hoffmoen December 18, 2003
A bullshit show made by who else but DISNEY. Features 3 kid on major amounts of caffeine harassing crappy excuses for villains while yelling retarded battle cries like "Chick-a". Hardly anything happens on the show that involves harm to another person. Avoid this dog shit,it's as bad as The proud family or Kim possible.
Captain Crapdall is a stupid fucker! What kind of superhero wears glasses anyway? Even Biclops from the Simpsons owns this douche!
by 0niTTRay September 04, 2003
The most stupid show ever! Three kids try to stop some dumb villians and the show isn't even realistic! I mean who can beat a villian by just throwing a rope and it ties them up?? Theres this one guy thats blue he really looks stupid. Avoid this show.
"Teamo Supremo!"
and other stupid stuff that I can't even remember.
by Dominique February 12, 2004
Hey, you stupid kids out there, Teamo Supremo rocks it's the best show ever made, the reason there things are so strong it's because they are a level 7: UTILITY BELT, level 7: SKATEBOARD WITH TURBO THRUSTERS,
levek 7: JUMP ROPE,
Teamo Supremo Teamo Supremo Teamo Supremo
by Amaury April 15, 2005
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