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A teacher who leads without leaving the classroom. Teacherpreneurs are leaders in their communities and schools and fulfill complex roles as education experts, counselors, policy advocates, and more. These are teachers who take on leadership roles but do not leave the classroom for administrative positions (principal, etc.).

A Teacherpreneur is also a specific role within the organization Center for Teaching Quality. Teacherpreneurs in this capacity teach half the week and use the other half of their time to advocate for education policy, collaborate with other teachers, and pursue other activities that advance the teaching profession.
A teacherpreneur could be that teacher you had who served a million roles at school: yearbook advisor, science teacher, etc. What you didn't know is they also had a blog where they wrote about their teaching experiences, or that they testified before your state's Department of Education about policy affecting teachers and education.
by teacherfan March 10, 2014

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