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A clusterfuck.

This euphemism is employed as a last resort when no other positives could (accurately) be applied to the situation. Often used in sports.
Last week's 4th fumble was a teachable moment for our young QB.
by brellin November 02, 2007
21 7
What you say when you intend to cover for your own mistake by implying the person you wronged is also culpable but should join with you to "move past" your wrong. It allows you to avoid actually apologizing.
Once Obama read the police report and realized his comments told us more about his own views than they did the Cambridge police he concocted a media event to caste the whole ordeal as a "Teachable Moment" in order to "spread the blame".
by Noah Napster July 31, 2009
35 27
Gratuitous American English expansion of "lesson".
The inability of Americans to be understood in other English-speaking countries provides us with a teachable moment.
by bleater April 04, 2011
6 2