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a condition in which the afflicted desires to be teabagged so obsessively, that nothing else matters. More often than not, the affliction leads into darker areas of perversion such as "teaganging"where satisfaction can only be achieved by having groups of 4 or more men, teabag the ailing party for extended periods of time, while giving each other common reach- arounds and whistling strands of " yank my doodle - it's a dandy." Severe cases often lead to the more hardcore acts such as the "rusty trombone."
Though she knew that the doctor's diagnosis of her teabagitis sounded so sexually sinister, the fact that Danielle constantly daydreamed about scrotums on her eyes, her cheeks, her lips,coupled with the recent discovery of a small smegma deposit on her upper lip, forced her to believe that her worst fears had come true - she was indeed afflicted.
by 1 beat off June 02, 2010
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