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1. n. The act of a person who places his testicles into another person's mouth or accepts another person's testicles into his mouth. Variant, Has also come to refer to placing testicles in a female's mouth.

2. n. Term used by liberal pols and pundits to denigrate conservatives who are actively protesting taxes that fund causes conservatives oppose.
1. The President invited the tea bagging activist for a meeting and praised him for his homosexual agenda.

2. Liberals love to coddle homosexuals in public , but show their disgust for them and their acts by discribing a taxation protester as a tea bagging queer.
by Eutychus II December 02, 2009
16 37
the insertion of one man's sack into another person's mouth. Used a practical joke or prank, when performed on someone who is asleep, or as a sexual act.
At the frat house last night, when Tim was wasted an down on the floor, he got teabagged by, like, ten guys!

Me and Jen were teabagging last night when her mom walked in. Awkward.
by Bondi January 29, 2006
13238 4494
To have a man insert his scrotum into another person's mouth in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down (in/out) motion.
Man: Let's teabag!
Your Daughter: Okay!
by anonymous November 06, 2002
5168 2575
The act of putting your balls in and out of a persons mouth.
Well if ya didnt sleep with your mouth open I wouldnt have tea bagged ya dude
by E March 16, 2003
2111 642
An adult act performed by consenting republican/conservatives on each other to express their fake outrage to imaginary tax increases (most of these idiots actually just got a tax break)

During this act one republican/conservative nut job (pun intended) drops his pants in public and slowly lowers his scrotum into the eager mouth of another right wing nut lover.

Some basic Teabagging participation rules

1: Participants have to be very low income (preferably on welfare)
2: Participants have to be avid Fox News watchers (this makes certain the participants are brainwashed to the extent of being borderline retarded)
3: Participants have to be republican/conservative
On 04/15/09 (Tax Day) broke ass republicans throughout the country gathered in public and performed mass teabagging on each other for hours while complaining about some imaginary tax increases
by fauxoutrage May 02, 2009
4250 3363
the act of lowering one's balls onto someones face, or into their mouth while they are laying down. Kind of resembles dipping a tea bag into a hot cup of water.
Pohlman's dad was wrestling with Devon and accidentally tea bagged her.
by Cooter May 23, 2005
1130 479
v. To lower one's scrotum into another's mouth.
Person 1: I want to try teabagging.
Person 2: You mean, you want ME to try teabagging...
by The Grammar Nazi December 19, 2001
2441 1790
1: The act of placing or repeatedly dunking an infusion of drinkable leaves into a pot or cup of hot water, to create a delicious and tannin-loaded beverage.
2: The act of placing or repeatedly dunking ones testicles and scrotum into the open gaping mouth of a willing partner.
It had been a long day and Daphne was tired. Her dozy yawning gave Mike an idea. As she lay in sexy repose on the garden lilo, Mike straddled and repeatedly teabagged into her open willing cakehole. Her lips, full and moistened with lip balm, gave a lovely seal as the bagger and baggee met in a glorious carnal union. Mbpuh mbpuh his slimy nutsack went as he bagged in and out. They were tea bagging.
by The Brown Piper May 11, 2007
658 354