Turd du falafel. A french term use to describe the turd you lay after eating a lot of falafel.
Dude! I had such a huge TDF after that falafelparty, I needed to flush twice.
by falafelman October 24, 2010
Trap, Dominate, Fuck - to use your skills on a woman, to talk her into giving it up, usually in one night. From street chess terminology.
"Man, I thought she was going to be a tough nut, but I got a couple of drinks in her and it was totally TDF."
by Richard R.W. October 20, 2008
to be defined
"Next week wednesday 16th then? (don't have time on thursday)...20:00? or is thenTdF?"

"I believe, TdF, is what I would call industrial jargon of the sort tbd, or "to be defined". With Lizzy working in industry, I can imagine that in such cultures people use all kinds of acronyms like that."
by Fartmeißter July 11, 2008
one who screws his teachers daughter to earn better grades, aka Teachers Daughter Fucker
Mikey P is a lil TDF
by beavbeav November 01, 2006
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