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to be real; said when one is keeping it real
I would put it in paris hilton, tbr

I don't like people playing on my phone, tbr
by Alex S f September 26, 2008
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Truth box reply;;
When people post bulletins replying back to a truth rather than using the reply on the application.
Subject; TBR

Body; Im not a poser. Say it to my facee. BLAHHH.
by OhMyGoshhness. January 18, 2009
A late-night Taco Bell Run.
Dude, I'm hungry and I don't have enough for pizza. Lets do a TBR instead.
by Andy Schmitz August 10, 2006
TBR is short for Taco to Breath ratio. It is a standard form of measurement in term of downing tacos. The ratio measures how many tacos a single person can down with one breath.
"That young lady's TBR is 8:1"
by DJ Carly Dextra May 18, 2007
to be rude
tbr you are annoying af
by 894726514 January 12, 2015
Tobacco bong rip
Person 1: "Why is Dorman laying back in that chair like that?"
Person 2: "Oh, he just took a preety good TBR. He's got a big head rush"
by hotboy2295 October 21, 2014
TBE, it means to be raped. it was created by The Toy Facktory on gaiaonline (me) IM FUCKING COOL
Jane: Hey whats up
Stalker: wanna come over?
Jane: NO i don't want TBR
by The toy facktory June 21, 2009

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