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Home of the bull dogs..(gay) i mean how many times have you been beaten by richlands football? last time was like 62-0? gayyyy.... talk so much shit about richlands like 12 miles away from us...of you cant forget your best area....shake rag? word. oh... gayyyyy!
tazewell....richlands asshole...and bitch.
by pimp matsta nig December 16, 2007
9 26
A place where eveything moves in slow motion. The people, the birds, the air, EVERYTHING! They start dem der tractors and ride into da sunset; very hick-like town, but nice to be part of.
I'd like to go on down to Tazewell, where nobody is a somebody, and I can learn to drive a tractor like a pro!
by ASHLEY FROY October 26, 2005
23 12