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Tayuya is the female member of the Sound Six, Five, Four, or whatever you have from Naruto. She has long red hair, brown eyes, a hat and a casual Sound Nin uniform. She has a tendency to trash-talk and specializes in Genjutsu, though it has been remarked that she is a Chakra powerhouse. She uses a flute for a medium. She has a curse seal and can unlock Level two, and is well-known as one of Orochinaru's Barrier-Nin. Her teammates are Kimimaro, Sakon, Ukon, Kidoumaru, and Jiroubou. Her master is Orochimaru. She is a Chuunin and was born on February 15.
Tayuya and Kimimaro make a divine pair.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005
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