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4 definitions by Pessimessed

'The Stranger' is a masturbation technique which the user commences by sitting on their hands until they go numb and as a result cannot feel through their hands when they masturbate.
I employed 'The Stranger' last night for the first time.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005
Kabuto is teh l33t character from Naruto who is a medic and trains under Orochimaru. He betrayed the Leaf village, which he was brought to after being found after the battle of Bellflower/Kaede pass. He has grey hair in a ponytail, a purple shirt, Harry Potter glasses and possibly a fetish for ANBU clothing. His last name is Yakushi, which means the Healing Buhdda, and his first name means helmet, but together they mean aconite, which is a type of poison. His teammates in the Leaf were Akado Yoroi and Tsuguru Misumi. Kabuto was born on the 29 of February and when it is not a leap year he celebrates on the 1st of March. Kabuto is a Pisces and is 19 years old post-timeskip.
Kabuto is a worn-out subject on the Narutoforums.
by Pessimessed September 23, 2005
Tayuya is the female member of the Sound Six, Five, Four, or whatever you have from Naruto. She has long red hair, brown eyes, a hat and a casual Sound Nin uniform. She has a tendency to trash-talk and specializes in Genjutsu, though it has been remarked that she is a Chakra powerhouse. She uses a flute for a medium. She has a curse seal and can unlock Level two, and is well-known as one of Orochinaru's Barrier-Nin. Her teammates are Kimimaro, Sakon, Ukon, Kidoumaru, and Jiroubou. Her master is Orochimaru. She is a Chuunin and was born on February 15.
Tayuya and Kimimaro make a divine pair.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005
Ukon is Sakon of Naruto's brother. He does not have a pearly necklace and seems to be more masculine personality-wise. He is a Chuunin and was born on June the 20 and is currently 14. See Sakon for more information.
Ukon, Kin, and Anko are one of my favourite threesomes.
I wouldn't mind seeing some more Ukon in Naruto.
Ukon is so not dead.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005