Top Definition
a better word 4 potatoe
i want sum tatties 4 dinner
by bob November 16, 2004
A shortened word for potato.
get us some tatties from shop. meaning get me some potatoes from the shop.
by Netti October 12, 2006
A sexy petite girl with a lot of tattoos.
"Check out that cute tattie over there."
"Oh, yeah... that's a big ass tat on her neck, though..."
"Yeah but she's fucking hot, man..."
"True dat. Totally a 9."

tattoo tat girl petite sexy
by Z0ZZ0NE June 30, 2014
a girls titty..breast...h00ter..
i was rubbing mya's tattie when the phone rang. i picked that shit up.. it was sailor moon
by yoda March 23, 2005
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