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1. The wierd snorting noise made when eating something delicious. Caused by eating too fast and forgetting to breath because the food is so good.
(eating a California burrito)
"omg this burrito is so good i keep forgetting to breath and im tastegasming!!"
by butterynipples November 14, 2009
An extraordinarily pleasant sensation caused by consuming food of exceptional tastiness.
That slice of jalapeno cheesecake gave me a wicked tastegasm.
by Solarfall October 28, 2008
1. Tastegasm
When one experiences a taste so amazing, it is comparable to a moment of extreme sexual pleasure.
I just had pho the other day. Trust me, it was a total tastegasm.
by exAZNAce May 22, 2009
When the taste of a particular food item is so unexpectantly good, your taste buds have a miniature orgasm.
"Jesus CHRIST, did you taste those jelly rolls Patty snuck into the theater? I swear to God I was having a tastegasm eating the thing."
by Patty Voorhees October 03, 2012
its like having an orasm with your mouth
mmmmmm, self explanitory
by jake November 12, 2003
A tastegasm is when one burps and all the flavors of previous meals floods the mouth... sometimes quite disgusting....
After Matthew drank an entire soda, he burped, causing a sick tastegasm of cheese, Chinese food, and sour cream and onion.
by An2 November 07, 2006