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literally means rock in Armenian. Tashjians are strong, smart, and super-sexy people. They know what they want, they go for it, and they get it. They are stubborn and don't take no for an answer! They have alot of pride, are also loud, tend to spit while talking, and are crazy dancers. Tashjians liven up the party. If there's no party, they make one. They'll sing songs and dance to them! They love their music and heritage and aren't ashamed of (or regret) anything! Tashjians are the SHIT! *Abriiisss*
Who needs to hire a singer if its a Tashjian wedding?

Whoa..just can't get enough of those Tashjians!

Get me some tashjian!

BOY: "mommy...what are they doing?"
MOM: "turn around and walk away, hunny, and dont make eye contact..they're Tashjians
by HYE October 12, 2006
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