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spanish slang for stupid, slow, or idiot
como estas tan tarugo!
why are you an idiot!
by chebuchin June 13, 2003
male penis (Pilipino, street language)
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
(Tagalog) The tip or "head" of a circumsized penis. In English, this is known as the "dickhead" or "German Helmet".
Contrary to common usage, it does not refer to the entire penis.
Ang sakit, pare! Kinagat niya yung tarugo ko nung bini-beejay niya ako.
by Arheddis Varkenjaab May 01, 2009
*Filipino slang term for penis

*the name "Tarugo" was taken from the animé character "Taguro" (in the Filipino dub) or "Toguro brothers" in the animé YuYu Hakusho which is very famous in the Philippines. The power of the younger Toguro is similar to how a penis erects.
Ang laki ng tarugo nya. (His dick is so big.)
by kirisai June 20, 2014