Someone of either sex who is overly concerned about their image, and the projection thereof. Symptoms include the desire to be associated with celebrities, in public.
That Simon Cowell is such a tart.
by JimInRoses January 27, 2010
1. A woman who dresses and acts in a sexy, flirtatious way but who has a surprising edge; who may seem promiscuous, but is not.
2 A sharp, strong, pleasantly acidic taste, a pastry, usually made with fruit that is sweet and sharp at the same time.
1. Guy: Hey, you look so hot poured into that little dress. I can see your future, me and you doing it tonight!

Tart (sweetly): Hey, thanks, but I can see YOUR future. You and your hand, doing it again tonight!

Guy: Fuck you!

Tart (sweeter still): not if you were the last asshole on earth!

2. Man I love strawberry rhubarb pie, itt's sugary but it makes my mouth pucker, it's so tart!
by HawleyG March 14, 2014
To be angry, upset or frustrated
Guy1: I hear Angelina cheated on Lebron.
Guy2: I bet he is so tart right now.
by Malachi Messersmith June 02, 2016
A girl/woman who wears overly revealing clothes and has a bad reputation concerning men
Person 1: Did you see her?
Person 2: Yeah I know, she's a right tart
by Hutchy February 25, 2006
A slang term referring to a whore, but in a slightly humorous way. Used similarly to bint, ho, skank, slut, etc.
"Yeah, these stupid tarts came by calling us porch monkeys."
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
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