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An honest person. Says what they think and it's true 99% of the time. Also very trusting, gets screwed over because of the honesty and the trusting.
Person1: hey, that girl is such a manipulative bitch.
Person2: yer i know! (Person2 runs off and tells people what Person1 said about that girl)
Person1: Why do i have to be such a tarsh?!?!?!
by Cackler January 16, 2009
*doush + tard(retard)

Originating in the late 2005 early years, ottawa canada alta vista public school

Influenced by Napoleon Dynamite
Your mom is a flippin tarsh
by bensdgiopahnso;gihsdgh May 11, 2005
some gay word kids at northgate made up cause the faggs r on the base ball team

NG base ball can go suck a dick
fag#1: Tarsh!!!!
fag#2: ahahhaahahhahahaahh

Fag#3: Yea were all fags were all on NGBaseball!!!!!!
by ngbaseballisgay April 07, 2008
Tarsh is when something is horrible, or garbage; Something that no one likes.
Aye bro, you are fucking tarsh at football.

Oh my God, her breath is tarsh.
by aksjdfnhkjlasdnf September 20, 2016
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