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The language spoken (typed) by tards, usually in an attempt to sound cool and fit in with one's friends (who are also tards).

note: The term 'tard' here takes on a meaning closer to that of 'n00b'.
heyz wat r uz up 2??
i waz juz doin dis net fingy ere
omgz! gtg now cyaz!!!11
by StormCyko July 12, 2004
Originally coined by StormCyko, tardish is an extention to the english language and its words or acronymes by adding z to the end. It is most observed by young teenagers although most grow out of it in latter years.
lolz (as opposed to LOL)
omgz (as opposed to OMG)
by ASIO_BOB February 26, 2004
Another word for Retarded.
How do you confuse a dumb person...
I dont know how do you confuse a dumb person?
...thats just tardish.
by Triple J October 08, 2005
The word "Tardish" is actually the language of the Tard - the average teenage male. It usually consists of a bunch of mangled up sounds/noises, (as though one is about to shit, or has a case of the lazy tongue) ending with a word usually depicting the current emotion of the Tard.
Angry Tardish: Bleuh nyih! jubble nubba! Baaad!

Happy Tardish: Ooh blah? Jeebee kabader! Kibble kibble lollypop!
by Dulong November 20, 2006
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