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This is what happens when you're enjoying a leisurely RayBurr at work, and the cleaning tard tries to open the stall door. I guess he needs to put some more toilet paper in the RayBurr stall, that conscientious tard-prick. But thanks to him, I'm no longer in the mood to relish my RayBurr, so I finish up and head for the hizzous.
"I was having one of my best RayBurrs in several weeks, when the janitor-tard tries to open the stall door. I guess seeing my legs showing underneath the stall was not enough of a clue for the guy. Damn tardburglar!!!
by The Guvna September 18, 2003
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Someone who does something incredibly stupid and irritating.
Jim took a dump in the middle of the road, so I turned to Timmy and said "Jim is a fucking tard burglar."
by stinkerton May 02, 2006
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