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n. The set of all things which are retarded. Used as part of an epithet when one observes something retarded going on.
What in tardation is going on in here??!?!
by SkidMarkyMark June 03, 2006
the condition of being completely inept, clueless, or just plain dumb; the inability to 'get a clue; the plight of an individual who consistently performs below par in the social or intellectual arena; idiocy
"Why is this idiot slowing down to miss the signal? It's a green light! Tardation!!"

"Could you possibly drive any slower on the freeway on-ramp? We're going 20 into a 55 zone! Tardation!"

"You cancelled our wedding plans, cost me a fortune, and humiliated me in front of all of our friends and family, and NOW you want to get back together? HAHAHAHA Tardation!!"

"I'm so frustrated with my classmate, I give him precise instructions for completing our project and he still cannot produce coherent results. Total tardation!"

by Ms.Teri.Whoaman December 10, 2007
"Jason Folley Sydrome" Believing something with %100 absolute conviction all the while being proved wrong to your face over, and over....
"Ernie Simms is the middle linebacker for the Lions"---Folley

**Looked up on shows ES on the roster as an outside linebacker...

"No, he's middle linebacker. I saw it. I have season tickets"---Folley

"Effin tardation"---Voice of Reason
by benevolentmalefactor July 16, 2009
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