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A person that has never engaged in oral sex.
Some of the girls here may still be regular virgins, but none are mouth virgins.
by NoelTH July 05, 2009
A term for a style extreme piercing, where a male's erect cock is split down the top and down the inside of each half metal studs are inserted into the flesh. The resulting shaft resembles a ball park hot dog served at sports stadiums throughout the U.S.
I went to the piercer for a Prince Albert but came out with a Dome Dog.
by NoelTH July 05, 2009
The term for the current wave of 20 somethings. Identified by the following traits: extremely oversensative, inability to think out of the box or even care that they lack the intellect, overly confident that they have a vast wealth of knowledge even thow this wisdon is only wikipedian, lastly they truely believe that an education is optional.
My assistant is showing her generation tardation by transfering my anger at a client to herself.
by NoelTH July 05, 2009

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