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A combination of 'retard' and 'ardvark'. Used on annoying or otherwise moronic people.
You spilled my drink you tard-vark!
by Kyle Magnan April 06, 2005
1) A retarded aardvark
2) Any stupid person with a pointy or outsize nose
Dick Cheney is such a tardvark.
by Pipe Downn November 01, 2008
a more colorful name for a friend that is having a lapse in judgment or is just failing at life
Friend A: "Get this. Yesterday, Michael told Toby nobody likes him."
Friend B: "He did what?! He's such a tardvark."
by Dr. Sassafrass April 12, 2010
1) A person who can't tell the different between necrophilia and narcolepsia.

2) Someone who has just done something stupid or is a moronic person in general.
3) An Ardvart with a T.
What a Tardvark!!!
by HolyBeJesus August 22, 2009
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