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group home or residence for the mentally disabled.
Man, when making a delivery to the tardyard, one of the dudes had shit himself
by valvespout August 04, 2005
A rather large and vocal group of intoxicated middle-aged men attending an outdoor event. Mostly obese and sometimes shirtless, they pump there fists into the air and belly slap each other at backyard barbeques, tailgate parties and other open air gatherings.
They love all sporting events and Hair Metal, high “five–in” themselves to the hits and other low brow simian activities. Will approach an attractive female at will and say something moronic.

Dope, Moron, Idiot, Imbecile, sports, Hair Metal, dolt, maroon, dumb dumb, genius, quiet, smooth,
That Tardyard event next door is getting out of hand; maybe we should call the police.

If that Tardyard doesn’t cut it, I’m throwing my shoe at them!
by Lord evil May 15, 2013
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