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The Islamic practice of being ungrateful to and cheating on non-Muslims.

Like the traitorous Imams who stirred up hatred against Denmark, the country that gave them refuge, by spreading vicious lies about.

or the Palestinian terrorists who use ceasefires to rearm and attack Israelis again.
Israeli: Why're you attacking again, we agreed on a ceasefire!
Terrorist: That was Taqiyya, you dumb Jew! KABOOOM!!!!
by theoneverdies December 03, 2006
Meaning 'to prevent' or 'guard against' . This word is often misunderstood as lying or deceiving non Muslims for the benefit of Muslims. However lying in Islam is such a serious sin, it is said to be a greater offense than missing the 5 daily prayers,which is the most important pillar in islam. Taqiyya is one of the most misrepresented words, a bit like 'jihad' that many people still believe means holy war, when actually means to struggle. Also note: be aware of websites like thereligionofpeace,who disguise as Islamic representatives,but who are actually anti-muslim as their main objective is to misguid the masses.
"Oh Allah I gaze low so I can taqiyya myself from sin"
by allAboutTruth June 14, 2016
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