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A game similer to hacky sack once played by bored UPS workers at break time. It began to gain prominence in Cerritos California sometime around early 2007. The object is to keep the 6-8 in. diameter ball rolled from packaging tape off the ground at all times using feet, legs, elbows, chest, and head. The game was quickly scrutinized by certain prissy white-collared individuals at the company who complained that crafting each ball was a waste of private resources. However, the game is begining to make a comeback as it has become popular among street bums who make the ball from tape they use to repair their homes.
"Hey Herb, let's play tapeball!" "Damnit! I just made the perfect tapeball and Chris confiscated it."
by Vino Viejo June 12, 2007
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Perhaps the most awesome of games ever invented by the likes of man. A future Olympic sport that even surpasses Bullet Ball in entertainment.
Bill sucks ass at Tape Ball.
by Delawn December 02, 2009
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