A super nerd word for "the guy taking all the damage in a mmorpg game" Think total dumbfuck that has no spell casting ability and can swing a giant axe so he moronically runs in front of everyone like a big tank.
Nerdwithnorealworldskills20008 is tanking! Hey put your hex spells on that him so we can mow him down with our +98 damage wind avenger blade spells! Pass the cheese wizz and graham crackers Bill!
by JakeWalls January 20, 2008
Filling yourself with liquids e.g water to boost bodies weight for a short period of time.
often used by people with eating disorders to avoid accusations of weight loss
Tanking would be to take 'a shower' and drink the water before being weighed
by Faith,Emily and Pippa December 22, 2005
1: To take a shit in the tank of a toilet. Ususally done on the day you move out, or at the house of someone you hate.

2: To fill the toilet tank with 20+ packs of jello.
I'm tanking the toilet, so we can leave right after.
by Spammerman August 16, 2006
Thinking in absolute isolation, without any visual or aural aids, influences or clues. Usually done in a special isolation tank, developed by John Lilly, where the tanker lies naked and alone for long periods of time. Such process might interest biologists, writers and psilosophers.
Watch Ken Russell's film "Altered States" for a great take on the subject.
by Boyan K August 10, 2005
Tanking Comes from MMORPGs That run off a Kill = Exp Style not a Hit = Exp.
A much stronger player would be inclined to First hit a monster and let themselves take Damage, While a Much lower level Attacks and Kills it, (i.e Gaining all the exp)
by Estania August 18, 2005
To Run, or Move Swiftly. Term used by 'Narh Danz' (Also in UB.com) or a rude boy.
"After we nicked the money, we Tanked it from the cops"

"I Tanked it like a bitch when he saw me"
by Martin February 27, 2004
In a classroom/graded setting, one relies on the current postitive status of their grade, using it as a buffer in hopes to get to the end of the grading period doing little or no work with mild to no consequence.

Similar to how a tank in an MMO can rely on buffs to stay alive in a mob, a mob being in this case either a class or a giant-ass homework load.
Augh, fuck IB Chemistry. I'm tanking it.
by sycophant November 01, 2007
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