A common term in Texas and surounding states for a manmade lake.
Let's go swimmin' in the tank.
by Wonderboy April 21, 2003
1. 1988 Dodge Caravan, that is always spotless, coolest ride in the valley.
2. total babe magnet.
3. "alternate" means of transportation
4."last" means of transportaion
5. unable to hit 80 mph if dropped out of a plane
Let's NOT ride in the tank!
by Mutley the dog January 02, 2000
1. (noun) a person who is so unbelievable masculine, strong ,brave or ballsy.

2. Also a person who has performed an unfathomable action (positive)
Guy 1: Dude, I just scored that chick over there!
Guy 2: Ah, you tank!

Guy 1: I just done a 1000 press ups!
Guy 2: You Tank!
#ledgend #tank #ledge #stone #hard
by procrastinater... October 22, 2009
To have sex with, or fuck.
I just tanked my girlfriend. She loved it.
#tank #sex #fuck #truck #move
by tankme122 June 23, 2009
An exclamatory remark of a gamer when he blows a guys head off in any shooter game, or what happens to my friend lance when he plays me at halo 3.
Guy 1: Dude watch out he's around the corner!
Guy 3: Im gonna get you!
Guy 2: Don't worry that bastard is on lock down.
Guy 3: God Damnit!!
Guy 1&2: TANK!!!
#pwned #owned #bitchslapped #cockslapped #what happens to lance when he plays me at halo 3
by Radshack6695 March 25, 2008
A ferociously muscular human. Often used like machine. Good for rewarding accomplishments.
Izzy is a tank!
Findlay liften that car all by herslef, what a tank!
#huge #strong #beastly #large #muscluar.
by Jaimison February 21, 2007
Any vehicle, which despite being in numerous wrecks, fenderbenders, and crashes, still runs.
"Dude, My 240sx is a tank. has been in like 5 crashes, and it still runs!"

"That car is a tank. Its been flipped 4 times, hit a guardrail, a deer, and a fencepost! And I drive it everyday..."
#beast #the shit #nissan #240sx #superman
by 240-is-go! November 07, 2006
The act of removing a toilet tank lid, standing on the seat, and taking a dump in the tank of a toilet so the next person who uses it flushes out shit.
"Man, they fucking fired me so I tanked that fucking toilet on my way out!"
#tank #tanked #tanking #shit in tank #shit tank
by lithos July 11, 2006
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