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Contributing to a team in the form of repairing tanks that are trying to take the field of a map or perform other various tasks in Command and Conquers Renegade. Nobody ever really steps up to the task because it doesn't get them a lot of points, kills, or credits (money that is spent to buy special units).

Tank Support is one of the most important positions to fill in a game of Renegade and the amount and quality of the tank support is often a factor that decides the outcome of a game.
UKSRene: I need repairs!
UKSRene: I need repairs!
UKSRene: I need repairs!
Mudkip: I'm in position!

Mudkip: I need repairs!
Mudkip: Can ANYBODY give me some fucking tank support?
UKSRene: Fuck you, I'm sniping.
by "a different name" March 14, 2008
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