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Tall, nordic, sturdy and steadfast.
A big, strikingly attractive amazon-like woman originating from a nordic or russian type heritage.
I was in Sweden, and I was surprised when I really didn't see many tanja-like women around.
by Blu Skyz March 22, 2004
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a beautiful swedish girl coming from a rich background and that is overprotective of and pays to much attention to her dog, a charming girl that excels in art forms of any kind and all academics. an incredible cook and an even more incredible girlfriend. a girl that has enormous boobs and an ass to match, the perfect girl in all ways.
every guy in the world: "damn i wish my girlfriend was a tanja......"

justin: "my girlfriend is totally tanja =]"
by sweden+RI=love July 21, 2010
The way retarded Americans say Tanja (Tanya).
Mike: Your name is Tan- ja?

Tanja: God! Your fucking retarded! My name is Tanya!
by Tanja Koch April 11, 2008

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