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Gaelic derivation of Thomas, meaning twin. Also spelled Tamsin or Tamsyn, both more common in the UK. Typically used for a woman's name in both the US and UK.
"What's your name?"
"Wow, what kind of name is that? It's so unique/odd/interesting/weird."
"It's Gaelic."
by muppetjedi February 05, 2010
The name of a girl who won't ever stop fighting for what is right. She's the best friend a person could had and completely reliable. She never gives up on you and sometimes she cares about her friends more than herself.
Tamsen is my bestie
by Jesstheperson September 08, 2015
1. A Finnish Prostitute
2. A Smart kid
4. See taco
Dude, that girl is a Tamsen. I wonder if she's expensive.
by iahtebarbosa November 04, 2006
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