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n. A man who enjoys anal sex with other men. Shortened from "dirt (or dung, crap, etc.) tamper". A butt pirate.
Will: That Jude Law is quite an attractive man.

CJ: You are SUCH a tamp.
by CJ January 31, 2004
Abbreviation for tampons.

Also a girl who packs a drug store's worth of tampons in a suitcase filled with neon underwear, and too many moisturizing lotions.
"Did you see that girl? She's such a tamps."

"What a tamp; she absorbs everything."
by Stick_on October 26, 2011
In Australian jails, a tamp is the lable of a phedophile. If your "put on" as a tamp (Labled) you're days are numbered.
1. He's a tamp because he likes having sex with minors.
2. He's been put on the tamp. DOG.
3. Anyone who wants to have sex with a kid is a tamp. DS...
by IKU April 03, 2005
a small metal tool used to pack down tobacco and clean a briar pipe.
Oh yes that was good cavendish, now to make with the tamp.
by Sluggo January 14, 2003
Slang for tampon. Used when two sylables is just too long.
If you don't stop talking, I'm throwing a dirty tamp at your face.
by John Spiggs July 31, 2007
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