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talyn: an etheral being from the cosmos. Starlight brightness never seen before. Usually the beauteous light will blind your cornea so you will only be able to view this farout wonder of nature once in a lifetime.
I saw a talyn shooting from the sky blinding me with it's fantasic etheral starlight beauty. I could never see again.
by lilyi February 09, 2010
A cute spunky chick that is born in the 90's. She has lots of friends and is really sporty. She is good in soccer and softball. She never plays defense in soccer because she is the top scorer. She likes boys with the names of Landon or Mitchell. She usually has thick dirty blonde hair. Grayish blue eyes and a killer smile. Totallly(:
Talyn is a REAL hottie. :)
by coolchick45 December 06, 2010
Talyn, a guy who is absolutely adorable. He is such a wonderful boyfriend and a girl couldnt ask for anything better. he has gorgeous eyes and a smile that will brighten your day. He may have a low self esteem but in reality, he is far from a piece of shit, he is a loving, caring, honest, all around wonderful guy. But did i mention he's sexy? Yep, very, very sexy. Not to skinny or too fat, he's perfect.
Damn, did you see that guy Talyn? yeah, hes so sweet, and adorable, and sexy!
by cutiepie696 March 17, 2011

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