a weird hose like object located above your sac used for modelling aeroplanes out of clay and jabbing folk in the face during prep because it is funny.
yo bruv have you seen the b52 stealth bomber i made with my tallywhacker.
yeah it stinks o cheese
by kevvy January 30, 2004
One who whacks tallies.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
either a phallus or a silly fool
You are such a Tallywhacker, jimbob.
by Jordan March 24, 2003
noun. An instrument or apparatus, that when used properly, can get one's tally reduced when paying for a one-night stand.
After hearing the moans of pleasure delivered by his tallywhacker, the john demanded and received a discount.
by bigbootyluvva March 06, 2009
A stick used to count bunches of bananas as they were loaded on banana boats. The workers were paid by the bunch.
Come Mr. Talley Man and Tally Me Banana.
by Charles January 04, 2005
One who uses inhalants to get high.
by sid August 11, 2003
a big floppy donkey dick
dude look at seans tallywhacker its soooooo long
by cumshot22 April 15, 2003

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