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To discuss work, especially of a technical, jargon - filled nature.
At the party I met someone else who studies what I do and we spent the whole night talking shop and drove everyone else away.
by hemisphere July 02, 2007
talking about work outside of work
I met Jane from the office last night to catch up on the gossip but we ended up just talking shop
by Evanna June 26, 2007
(n.) a place where discussion is all that happens, and nothing actually comes out of it. The origin is the League of Nations, precursor to the United nations. The League had no armed forces, and no decisions could be enforced.
The United Nations is becoming a talking shop.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
Revealing preferences of a personal nature (sexual fetishes, for example) or other deep, dark secrets in conversation with a relative acquaintance.
I just met Bob the other day, but last night we were already talking shop.
by the Rastafarian Accountant August 02, 2005
To talk about sex: including ones experiences, partners, anatomy, ect.
"Dana and I were just sitting around talking shop for a few hours last night."
by MarieA August 17, 2005
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