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a wondering thing, meaning beautiful, sexy, or all round amazing
wow the weather is kind of talesha outside

that womens got some talesha going on there
by mike123456789! September 01, 2010
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Beautiful Goofy Girl
Usually Sporty
She Is Very Strong And Defiant
Most People Feel Almost Jealous Of This Leader
They Are Dreamers With Big Goals And Let Nothing Block Their Way
Tend To Be Rude But Also Can Be A Sweetheart
They Are Very Aware
They Can From Be Slow At Moments
But Most Importantly Their Far From The Usual
Attention Grabbers Without Trying

The Signs: Aries, Taurus & Gemini Usually .

Love The Colors : Blue, Green, Black, & Pink.
That "Talesha" Sure Is Something, Huh?
by kevin Durant August 04, 2014

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