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an Iranian legend. one who loves to troll on others. can't get enuf trolling. trolling forever. only trolls. doesn't know why but she can't help it. master troller.
Talat: dude i found a post on urban dictionary that's totes about u.
Me: no dude. it's probs abt someone else.
Talat: no dude it's def abt u, someone who goes to school w us probs wrote it. it's so on point.
Me: u think so? I guess..
Talat: DUDE IT'S NOT ABT U OKAY?! U're not the ONLY person in the world with that NAME. it's def abt someone else. okay. GET OVER URSELF. SHEESH.
by foudingmemberofthetalatfanclub February 25, 2013
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