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to have bum bum sex with someone
When John wanted to have taki taki with his girlfriend he proceeded to grab her by the torso and ram his penis up her anal cavity repeatedly
by Rushi December 07, 2007
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Noun 1: a dialect spoken in Suriname

Etymology: A repetitive alteration of the word "Talk".

Noun 2: a mythological chosen one. The lord of the gods, the peerless master of all creation, and the most powerful entity in all mythology.

Etymology 2: From the ancient Sumerian "takkai", which translates to "higher being of boundless power and mind". The repetition is a linguistic emphasis indicating supremacy. "Takkaitakkai" or "Takitaki" translates to mean "greatest of the great" or "god of all gods". In early texts, Takitaki is depicted as a hero on a great journey, similar to the Sanskrit epic "Ramayana".
N1: "Do you speak Takitaki?"

N2: "Be careful, the power of Takitaki cannot be contained."
by Superkadoo February 12, 2009

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