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(v.) An action describing a romantically interested person that decides to stop talking too or seemingly ignore the other person in an attempt to stimulate some sort of positive emotional response.
The Ignored: "I don't know man, i just can't stop thinking about her."
Friend: "Dude, you didn't care about her at all a couple days ago."
The Ignored: "I know man, but she pulled the take-away on me."
by swjeemtys November 22, 2012
Basically, if you want to say that you've eaten out a girl, instead you can say that you went for a take-away (ie. you ate out)

Alternatively you can use the phrase socks
So...Andy...What did you get up to?
I went for a take-away!
Whoa whoa whoa sweet child o'mine!
by Andy June 19, 2004