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The shitty feeling after one tailgates for a prolonged period of time. Usually followed by common symptoms of headache, nausea, dehydration, short-term memory loss, and AIDs (Alcohol Induced Diarhea).

Not unusual to wake up with unexplained bumps, bruises, cuts, and empty condom wrappers spread throughout the site of infection.
Jacks: Dude I feel like such shit.

Rich: I know, I feel like a midget snuck in my butthole and punched my liver.

Rezi: Did we even go to the game? I remember seeing a football... I think.

Alex: Faggots, text book tailgateitus. Grow the fuck up, especially that D-Bag Jacks. What a bitch.
by Huskers4Tailgating September 12, 2011
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